Brain Based Learning

Mindful Learning

Game Based Learning

Collaborative Learning

Social-Emotional Learning

Project-Based Learning

Brain-Based Learning

refers to teaching methods, lesson designs, and school programs that are based on the latest scientific research about how the brain learns, including factors such as cognitive development—how students learn differently as they age, grow, and mature socially, emotionally, and cognitively.

At Enrich, we understand that each child learns differently and hence we have incorporated different teaching methods and lesson plans that allow each student to master the subject matter.

Mindful Learning

In an educational context mindfulness applied to learning is the practice of ignoring distractions, disregarding unhelpful self-chatter and focusing on the here and now.

Our Meditation sessions prior to each session help minimize distractions and improve focus.

Game Based Learning

is a type of game-play that has defined learning outcomes. Generally, game based learning balance subject matter with game-play and the player ability to retain and apply said subject matter to the real world.

Our various board games like Scrabble, Got It! and Super Skills Bingo helps students with their reading and math skills.

Collaborative Learning

is an educational approach to teaching and learning that involves groups of students working together to solve a problem, complete a task, or create a product.

Our Game room provides collaborative opportunities for students to complete complex puzzles, design new games, and functional robots.

Social-Emotional Learning

is a process for learning life skills which draw upon other programs such as character education, peer mediation, bullying prevention, anger management, drug/alcohol prevention, violence prevention, school climate, ethical decision making, harassment prevention, positive behavior supports.

Every Friday we discuss a topic on life skills incorporating various age appropriate interests for our elementary, middle and high school students.

Project-Based Learning

is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period to investigate and respond to an engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge.

Our Robotics and Coding sessions allow students to work on tasks and learn to fit them in a Project Plan.

Welcome to Enrich Learning, a place for children from Pre-K to 12th grade to learn academics, important life skills, and much more in a relaxed, fun-filled atmosphere.

What makes Enrich Learning different?

  • Meditation and Stress Management: We offer free 20 minutes of meditation before each learning session to help reduce typical school day stress and to prepare students mind for effective learning.
  • No Assessment Necessary: We understand that children go through test anxiety and hence taking a comprehensive assessment is not necessary prior to enrolling.
  • No Cookie Cutter Programs: Enrich Learning is NOT a franchise hence we have the advantage of truly individualizing our programs by incorporating different teaching methods to cater to each student's needs.
  • Open Communications: Our learning management system gives teachers the option of sharing daily lesson notes with parents. Parents can also schedule an in-person meeting with teachers as necessary.
  • Expert Teachers: Our teachers strive to understand the student’s strengths and offer them various opportunities to stimulate thinking through unique methods of coaching, mentoring, teaching, and counseling.
  • Enrich Classes: We offer a range of enrichment classes under one roof; which means parents don’t have to drive their children to different locations.

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