The power of meditation is not hidden to anyone, but how many of us really get the time to practice it? At some point during the day don’t we all feel we want to stop what we are doing and catch a breath? As adults, we could deal with stress and anxiety, but do our kids really know how to?

There is evidence to suggest that mindful awareness practice changes how your body and brain respond to stress. According to Patricia Jennings, M.Ed., Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University, helping students learn to calm their bodies and minds with developmentally appropriate mindful awareness practices, which can be skillfully integrated into curricula, can make a real difference.

We want to help our students learn these techniques early on so they can keep progressing in this fast-paced world. Hence, we have incorporated free 20 minutes of meditation sessions prior to our Tutoring and Enrich classes. As much as we care about our students we also value you as a parent and have included free sessions on Saturdays for parents of enrolled students.