Our Team

Reena Joglekar, the founder of Enrich Learning LLC, has more than a decade of experience in one-on-one teaching and academic consultation. Reena holds a Master’s degree in Education from College of Saint Elizabeth, New Jersey. She also holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Economics from University of Mumbai, India.

Reena hails from a family of teachers and hence, teaching comes naturally to her. Reena started her career as an early childhood teacher where she was able to observe child psychology. Later during her experience as a one-on-one tutor, she realized how important a student-teacher relationship is in shaping a student’s future. She also published a research paper while at College of Saint Elizabeth focused on why student-teacher relationship is important for effective learning. She strongly believes “No significant learning can occur without a significant relationship.”

Throughout her experience, Reena built a strong rapport with her students and their parents. Often she would come home elated with the joy she saw on a student’s face when they scored well on tests or when they learned a new concept. This joy and the positive encouragement she received from many parents built the confidence to start her own learning center; Enrich Learning!

Tiffany Thomas, our Director of Strategy and Online Tutoring, is pursuing her honors bachelor’s degrees in Economics and Public Health at Brown University, in addition to a concentration in Accounting. She is the recipient of the Presidential Volunteer Gold Service Award, the Robert Mammano Frezza Scholarship, and the Max Maxwell Award, among others. She has been invited as a guest speaker at multiple conferences and had opportunities to travel to different countries with scholarships. Tiffany seeks to use her first-hand experience in navigating the boarding preparatory school environment, standardized test preparation, and college application process to inspire students to achieve their goals and discover their passions. With her expertise in public speaking, participating in speech and debate competitions for 14+ years and as a 3-time Overall Individual Champion at the North East Orthodox Diocese Competition, Tiffany empowers students to have their voices heard and believes that they will, in turn, empower and teach those around them. Tiffany currently teaches Public Speaking courses, SAT/ACT test preparation, and heads College Counselling at Enrich Learning. A champion for fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion, Tiffany believes that education has the power to bring meaningful, positive change in our communities and the world.

Sindhu Jacob, a patron of Enrich Learning LLC has decades of experience in education, finance, and computer science. Sindhu graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, along with a minor in Education from the City University of NY- City College. She completed her Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and Taxation from Seton Hall University, New Jersey. Sindhu is a master of all trades; she holds multiple licenses in different fields of study. Her expertise and dedication to sharing her experiences with others will serve as a great career resource for Enrich students.

As a mother of three young and vibrant daughters, Sindhu understands firsthand the stress that students and parents face every day about school. Being both a parent and an educator, Sindhu can provide valuable insight that will be helpful to aid students in achieving their goals. Enrich Learning has been Sindhu’s vision for years. As the Greek writer Nikos Kazantzakis once said, “true teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross; then, having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create their own.” Sindhu will serve as a resource counselor at Enrich; her guidance and tenacity to work harder each day will serve as a great resource in pushing students to try their best and achieve their maximum potential.

Barbara O’Toole-Kivlon, the Education Director of Enrich Learning LLC. received her B.S. in Elementary Education, Magna Cum Laude, from Seton Hall University in 1979. Barbara began teaching in the West Orange School District as an elementary teacher. She enjoyed a most successful teaching career, including a year teaching teachers about effective classroom instruction. Barbara received the Governor’s Teacher of the Year Award for Excellence in Teaching in 1988. Barbara holds a Master’s Degree in Administration and Supervision from Seton Hall University and, consequently, she was interviewed and hired to the Principal of West Orange’s Redwood Elementary School in 2002. Truly this opportunity to be the principal of such a fine school with an outstanding faculty, and wonderful students and parents for thirteen years, was most rewarding. The school enjoyed and still does, a fine reputation for academic excellence and high achievement ratings. Upon retirement in June 2015, Barbara shared how fortunate and blessed she was to have spent her entire professional career in West Orange, New Jersey. Currently, Barbara is an Adjunct Professor at Caldwell University for the Department of Education.

Barbara believes that all students can learn. Students learn at different rates and in different ways. Students have different talents. Educators must determine the best practices and instructional strategies to support each student’s learning style. When students succeed and do well in school they develop the confidence in themselves to work conscientiously and to work to their potential. As John Dewey believed,” Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” Students need to be taught so the learning is retained, connected, and enjoyed. Students must be able to make real-life connections to their learning, to apply the learning to new situations and to think using higher levels of thinking.

As a member of the Enrich Learning team, Barbara looks forward to students developing their talents through enrichment opportunities and growing academically in varied subject areas. Becoming the best student is a journey that never ends. Even after retiring from a most successful education career, Barbara continues her learning journey working with her new students and new families at Enrich Learning.

Yuriy Choliy, Mathematics, Science and Chess Instructor at Enrich Learning, received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry with minor in Mathematics from Rutgers University. He also pursued PHD program in Physical Chemistry from _September 2006 through January 2013. During this time, Yuriy has taught Physical Chemistry sequence as a Teaching Assistant at Rutgers University. He has a well-versed teaching experience that includes college-level mathematics (calculus sequence, probability, ordinary differential equations), physics (mechanics, electricity, and magnetism, introduction to quantum mechanics) and chemistry (General chemistry, Thermodynamics, Molecular Modeling ).

Yuriy is passionate about helping students excel in mathematics and natural sciences. He believes success in the STEM area can be achieved by the development of strong critical, analytical, and problem-solving skills. Yuriy is also an avid Chess Player. It is commonly believed that the practice of chess promotes brain growth by exercising both sides of the brain and will also raise IQ, memory improvement, and creativity. These are all skills that can be used throughout life to help kids get through tough times and take advantage of new opportunities.

In addition to teaching Yuriy is interested in research. He published several research papers in chemistry and mathematics, including a paper in prestigious magazine Science. Yuriy is looking forward to flourishing creativity, curiosity, and imagination for Enrich students by raising new questions, viewing old problems from a new angle and thus opening a new door of possibilities.

Sarita Marthala, the Public Speaking and Communication instructor, received her Master’s degree in Strategic Communication from Seton Hall University. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D in Higher Education Leadership, Management & Policy and working on her dissertation. She is also an adjunct professor at Seton Hall University where she teaches Oral Communication and Oral Rhetoric courses to undergraduate students.

Sarita believes that public speaking and communication skills are paramount to student success academically as well as socially. She teaches kids the skills to overcome their fear of public speaking while communicating assertively, which she believes, not only improves their public speaking skills but also empowers them by boosting their self-confidence and can change how they view themselves. Strong public speaking skills and assertive communication techniques can help students build a positive self-concept that can influence every aspect of their life.

Sarah Rockhill, Mathematics, Language Arts, Spanish and Programming instructor, is pursuing her Bachelors of Science with honors in Computer Science at Brown University. Sarah discovered her love for teaching as a summer-camp sailing instructor, and has since tutored students of all ages in a variety of fields including Spanish, Algebra, Language Arts, Computer science, and SAT/ACT prep. She emphasizes the importance of thoroughly understanding concepts rather than memorizing formulas and processes and believes that this has been the key to her own academic success. She is passionate about helping students cultivate a skillset that allows them to fully grasp and apply concepts with confidence, and that consequently inspires a love of learning.

Ryan Gilligan, With his Masters Degree in Educational Technology, and years of experience teaching a variety of subjects at the elementary and middle school levels, Ryan is constantly looking for new ways to make learning fun for his students. Ryan began his career in education as a k-6 science and technology teacher in Garfield before finding a more permanent home in Oakland, NJ for four years as a 5th-grade science specialist, and another five years as a technology and STEM / Robotics teacher. He is a firm believer in the tremendous benefits that come from a collaborative, project-based learning approach to learning, and sees these experiences as wonderful simulations of everyday challenges that people face in the real world.

Nicole Lim, Mathematics and Language Arts instructor, is pursuing her honors bachelor’s degree in sociology at Brown University. Nicole herself has achieved near-perfect scores on SAT, subject tests, and standardized exams in high school and is excited to share her knowledge, tricks and tools with her students. She has always had a passion for youth development and education and has substantial experience teaching and mentoring young children, teens, and college students both in and out of the classroom. She has tutored and taught many subjects and skills, ranging from pre-algebra and essay writing to SAT prep to piano and more. She is dedicated to not only helping children succeed in their academic endeavors but to helping them discover a love of learning. As a result, she firmly believes in teaching her students not only the “what” of their solutions, but the “how” and “why.”

Sylvia Estremera, graduated from William Paterson University in 2017. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in elementary education and liberal studies. She received a special education certificate from WPU in 2019. She is currently pursuing her Master’s in special education. She is teaching in Kindergarten and first grade since 2017. She is dedicated to the love of learning and inspire students to learn more. Her passions include music, gaming, outdoor activities.