“Our mission is to blend mindful learning with different learning methods to build a strong foundation essential to create life-long learners…because learning is lifelong!“

To maintain the enthusiasm for lifelong learning, at Enrich, we offer students rich learning experiences through different approaches like brain-based learning, game-based learning, project-based learning, and collaborative learning.

At Enrich, recognition of the mind-body connection is central to our teaching philosophy and we believe a focused mind absorbs and retains better. We recognize the stress each child goes through during a typical school day – complete homework, maintain grades, participate in extracurricular activities, and balance the social life. So to help them de-stress and calm their mind we offer every student with an opportunity to participate in a free 20-minute meditation session.

Academic coursework provides a foundation for your child’s success in life. Your child is gifted with a mind that can learn academic concepts, life skills and much more. Hence, at Enrich, we have complemented academics with lessons on arts, problem-solving and important life skills for an overall personality development.