100% students scored in ACT

90% plus students scored over 1500

Which one is the right test for my child? This question stumps a lot of parents.

Deciding on the right test is key to getting ready for college applications. At Enrich, we can help kick start the journey that your child is going to embark on. College application process is stressful for young adults and at Enrich our goal is to take some weight off your shoulders through consultation and by helping them prepare for the ACT, SAT, and/or AP Exams. While most colleges accept SAT and ACT tests we will provide your child with the information about the difference between the ACT/SAT and when to take them. In addition, our expert teachers will prepare your child to master strategies to excel these tests.

How we help you in this journey?

  • Discuss college goals in an Initial interview with you and your child
  • Review PSAT scores and school grades
  • Analyze previous SAT/ ACT test scores if available
  • Administer a practice test at our location
  • Recommend a suitable program and learning hours
  • And of course, we will be glad to help you thereon…

College Acceptances

  • Brown University – Tiffany .T
  • University of Pennsylvania – Kevin .M
  • Duke University – Rishi .M
  • Rutgers University – Ashley .T
  • University of Maryland – Mathew
  • Penn State University – Alexandra .W
  • Georgetown University – Anjali .R

College Board Registration

College Board Test Dates

ACT Test dates